Founded in 2005, Linds Kök is passionate about giving you an unforgettable experience. As an elderly lady suggested while enjoying her food in the rays of sunlight that penetrated the glass ceiling: I must be in paradise! This is the kind of experience that we want to give you.

You are welcome here regardless of your mood – you can waltz across our granite floor with your new spouse or remember your loved ones in moments of grief. You are also welcome in the most everyday situation – when you want a laugh with your friends or intense meetings that need to draw energy from the proximity to nature.

We grow everything from bananas and figs to Japanese medlars and peaches When you visit us we want you to feel like you have travelled around the world, even when the cold bites your cheeks as you step out through the door. Thanks to our love to plants and the bumblebees that pollinate all year, our gardens bloom in the winter as well.

In the summer, our glazed terrace with open sides is a winner, where you can cool down with a tomato cocktail with citrus fruits dangling all around you. With our custom made terrace tables the citrus trees grow in your midst.

Hygiene and quality matters to us – our food must be equally excellent all days. Our demands on you as our guest are much lower – we want you to feel at home and come as you are. It doesn’t matter if you have diets or allergies, we will always accommodate you. Special diets must, however, be ordered in advance.

When you dine with us you can always trust that the mood was cooked from scratch. We want to prove that it is possible to cook with simple produce, but in a novel way. We never mix too many spices, but we blend our produce in surprising ways. We can assure you that vegetable-based desserts taste better than you think – our famous tomato panna cotta is a recurring favourite among our guests!

We are special, and we have had this confirmed. We have been recognised in over a hundred magazine coverages and been listed among Lonely Planet’s top 16 restaurants in Finland as well as Thrillist’s most recommended restaurants in Europe. We are proud of our restaurant and will do everything in our might to make you long to come back!

About The Company


  • Maria Berg, raised in Bäckliden in Närpes is the owner of the restaurant
  • Has previously worked as a chef in both Närpes and Sweden
  • Has previously worked with catering
  • Has been a greenhouse farmer since 1993
  • Received the Martha Association’s food culture award in 2006
  • Was awarded best entrepreneur in 2008
  • Loves experimenting with tomatoes and rare combinations of produce
  • Read more about Maria here


  • The restaurant has been recognised in over a hundred different magazine coverages, radio and television shows
  • Linds Kök was included in Lonely Planet’s list of the 16 best restaurants in Finland in 2015
  • It was featured on Thrillist as one of the most recommended restaurants in Europe in 2016. One restaurant per EU state was chosen, and Linds Kök was selected to represent Finland.