For seven weeks after midsummer you can try our popular summer lunch between 11am and 3pm from Mondays to Saturdays and between 12pm and 3pm on Sundays (we admit groups until 3pm). There is no need or way to reserve a table for summer lunch. If you still want to reserve a table it has to be at the time when we open or close. We open our greenhouse restaurant and our glazed-in terrace during the summer lunch.

The summer lunch has a buffet with fish and meat dishes, fruit and many delicious salads. Here you will find our famous strawberry and garlic cocktail that always is included in our summer lunch, so that you never miss this unique experience. Bread and butter, and water, small beer or juice, are also included with the summer lunch. The lunch is concluded with coffee or tea, together with a sweet desert based on tomato or cucumber.

Summer lunch, Monday to Saturday: 22 €
Summer lunch, Sunday: 28,50 €

The summer lunch is offered to children from 3 to 10 years old at half the price.

Summer Lunch