Our greenhouse restaurant is an attractive place to meet. In our lush environment you can really relax and have productive meetings. Here you can sit under blossoming fruit trees without the meetings feeling long or tedious. It is simple – this is where you want to stay!

The greenhouse restaurant is not just attractive for participants, but also for the organizer. We are often told that it is efficient to organise meetings at ours – our concept attracts many participants.

When you are here you do not have to be cooped up in a meeting room; instead, you have access to the entire greenhouse. There are chairs and tables for 88 people that are easy to rearrange. We can also provide a projector with a screen, as well as WiFi and a microphone. In the spring, summer and early autumn you can have our glazed-in terrace to yourselves if the meeting occurs in the context of other bookings. The acoustics are pleasant and the proximity to nature is noticeable by the silence. Here you can truly achieve things!

Our meeting package includes breakfast, consisting of coffee or tea, and a three-course sandwich with fish, meat, cheese, vegetables and a tomato sauce. Breakfast is followed by a delicious lunch consisting of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, and coffee. The day is crowned with a sweet tomato based afternoon pastry with coffee and tea, or a large plate of exotic fruit, biscuits and chocolate.

During the day, the conference package requires at least 15 people. Conferences can be booked by phone or email. Please note that e-mail bookings only are confirmed upon receipt of a confirmation. Please remember to inform us of any allergies/dietary requirements in advance. If people in your group cancel, you must contact us within 6 hours of your visit, or you will be charged for the number of people in your reservation.

You can select a menu of your choosing for evening meetings, and you only pay for the food. See other menus.

Meeting and Conference Package