Linds Kök’s tomato and cucumber menu consists of seven dishes that all include tomatoes or cucumbers in one way or another. The menu contains two starters, three main courses and two desserts. Once you have tried the tomato and cucumber menu you will realise that tomatoes and cucumbers are amazing produce for sweet and savoury dishes alike. To order the tomato and cucumber menu your group must either consist of at least 6 people and the reservation must be made for a time when other groups are booked, so that the total number of guests are at least 15, or consist of 15 people or more.

The seven-course tomato and cucumber menu is booked by phone or email. Please note that e-mail bookings only are confirmed upon receipt of a confirmation. Please remember to inform us of any allergies/dietary requirements in advance. If people in your group cancel, you must contact us within 6 hours of your visit, or you will be charged for the number of people in your reservation.

Creamy tomato soup topped with olives and feta cheese
Marinated salmon on canapés with our own pickled cucumbers

Main courses:
Seared salmon with tomato cream sauce, grilled tomatoes and pressed potatoes
Pork tenderloin with tomato ratatouille and potato gratin with tomato
Beef tenderloin with tomatoes and a herb sauce, and pickled onion with smashed potatoes

Tomato panna cotta
Cucumber ice-cream on cucumber glaze

Seven-course Tomato and Cucumber Menu: 68 €

Seven-course Tomato and Cucumber Menu