The Baffled's Special is perfect for you who do not know what you want to eat and we promise that there will be dishes that you have never tried before. The menu varies, which is why we do not have a fixed menu, but there will always be beef tenderloin, pork, salmon, chicken, prawns, vegetable dishes and various sauces, as well as a few desserts. To order the menu your group must consist of 15 adults or be willing to pay for 15 adults.

During the dinner we serve fifteen different dishes to your table at a measured pace. You can help yourself and pass the serving bowl to your neighbour. The menu is perfect if you want to experience new flavour combinations and leave with a feeling of satisfaction beyond what you have ever known.

The Baffled's Special can be booked by phone or email. Please note that e-mail bookings only are confirmed upon receipt of a confirmation. Please remember to inform us of any allergies/dietary requirements in advance. If people in your group cancel, you must contact us within 6 hours of your visit, or you will be charged for the number of people in your reservation.

The Baffled's Special: 48 €

The Baffled's Special