Lind’s Special Buffet


Lind’s Special Buffet  

Lind’s Buffet (*min. 15 adults in the group)

• Fried pork sirloin with “chanterelle sauce”
• Potato gratin
• Cappuccino hot-smoked salmon under a mustard coating
• The Shoemaker’s Salmon
• The Greenhouse Blend
• Tomato salad with olives, feta cheese & fresh basil
• Strawberry & garlic cocktail
• Warm cheeses under a tomato coating, served with gingerbread crumbs
• Lots of different fruits & vegetables that you can mix according to your tastes
• Tomato loaf with butter

• Pavlovaswisse

30 €/person

Important to know!

– Make a dining reservation. The whole group is served the same dishes.
– Possible cancellations regarding the group size must be done at least six hours before, otherwise the ordered quantity will be charged.
– Our food is low-lactose. Please notify us if anyone in the group has gluten sensitivities or allergies.
– There are vegetarian options.
– The restaurant is only open according to reservations. We close at 23.00.
– Complete A-license.