Seven-Course Tomato Menu


Seven-Course Tomato Menu


Seven-Course Tomato Menu À la Närpes

 (min. 6 persons)


– Creamy tomato soup spiked with olives & feta cheese

– Tomato casserole with roe mousse, decorated with shrimps

Main dishes:

– Fried salmon with creamy tomato sauce, grilled tomatoes & gratinated Duchess potatoes

– Fillet of beef with red wine dressing, served with barbeque sauce, syrup onions and potato gratin

– Pork noisettes with Charon sauce, tomato chutney and whole fried potatoes

(all dressings and sauces contain tomatoes)


– Tomato ice cream with cucumber & liqueur sauce

– Tomato Zabaglione with almond cookies

64,00 €/person